Contact EH&S

Contact EH&S

April 28, 2014

Summary: One page guide describing the EH&S programs with contact information. See the EH&S Organizational Chart (under Related Information) to contact individual staff members. 

The Office of Environment, Health and Safety is committed to promoting a safe and healthful environment for research, instruction and the campus community through the programs listed below.  

EH&S Guide to Services

EH&S Organizational Chart

Research Safety


Stacey Kraemer
Biosafety Officer
(310) 794-7745

Helps laboratory personnel work safely with all types of biohazards. Establishes and reviews protocols for operations involving infectious agents capable of transmitting pathogens.

Laboratory Safety/Chemical Safety

Scott Hsieh
Chemical Hygiene Officer
(310) 206-3661

Provides training, information and inspections to foster safe and legal lab practices to protect personnel against chemical and physical hazards.

Laser Safety

Research Safety Division Manager
(310) 794-7437

Provides training and assists personnel in the safe use of lasers. Monitors laser hazards.

Radiation Safety

Bryan Ruiz
Research Safety Division Manager
(310) 206-8204

Provides radiation safety training, exposure monitoring, and environmental monitoring. Manages radioactive waste disposal program. Provides support for campus research using radioactive materials and radiation machines.

Injury Prevention

Safety and Injury Prevention

Michelle Amante Sityar, MPH
Manager - Safety and Compliance
(310) 794-7312

Serves as campus liaison for Cal/OSHA Investigations and associated legal matters. Oversees occupational safety and compliance programs including Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP), Shop Safety and Hazard Communication. Provides oversight of the UCLA Public Access Defibrillator (PAD) Program.


Randy Sauser
Senior Ergonomist
(310) 825-0536

Prevents injuries from repetition, awkward posture and lifting, with a goal of fitting work to workers to make jobs safer, more comfortable and more efficient.

Fire & Life Safety

Dana Johnson
Fire Marshal
(310) 825-2684

Prevents and reduces the loss of life and property from fires. Approves building and renovation plans to ensure compliance with fire and life safety building codes.

Environmental Programs

Asbestos/Lead (Pb)

Carlos Stevenson
Asbestos & Lead Programs Manager
(310) 206-9937

Inspects for the presence of asbestos, lead and mold in building materials. Oversees safe removal of hazardous materials during renovations and construction. Trains campus personnel on minimizing hazardous exposures to asbestos, lead and mold.

Environmental Health

Jennie Wung
Environmental Health Program Manager
(310) 206-4635

Oversees the community health and sanitation programs, including food safety, drinking water quality, integrated pest management, and pool sanitation.

Environmental Programs

Gillian Marks
Environmental Programs & Industrial Hygiene Division Manager
(310) 794-5775

Manages compliance with campus air, industrial waste water and storm water permits. Oversees tank inspection programs and environmental remediation activities.

Industrial Hygiene

Neil Mansky
Environmental Programs & Industrial Industrial Hygiene Program Manager
(310) 794-5080

Consults on and investigates occupational exposures, illnesses, and indoor air quality complaints. Provides respirator fit testing and training, manages MSDS library, and provides hazard communication guidance.
Hazardous Waste

Hazardous Materials Manager
(310) 794-5569

Manages the proper disposal of all hazardous waste generated on campus. Provides routine waste pick-ups in all research buildings. Trains staff who handle hazardous waste.

Training & Outreach

Karin Wasler
Training and Outreach Program Manager
(310) 794-5669

Assists campus community to meet regulatory training requirements in health and safety practices and workplace hazards by providing instructor-led classes, online modules, videos, publications, and internet resources to employees.