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Purchasing Equipment and Materials Requiring Guidance or Oversight

There are various types of equipment and materials that have restricted use, are hazardous, or have a higher safety concern. Environment Health and Safety (EH&S) provides guidance, and/or oversight for these items.

Materials and equipment that require EH&S notification are identified into two types’ notification or review and approval prior to purchase.  When submitting any information to EH&S always provide the following as applicable

 ● Principal Investigator’s name  ● Department  ● End User contact information   ● Locations of installation or use

Requiring Notification Only

Item Categories


Equipment and Select Toxins

Select Toxins, Flow Cytometers, or Bio printer


Lasers/Laser Systems

All laser and lasers systems


Machinery and Shop Equipment

Any machine shop equipment (ex. Lathes or saw), 3D printers, pallet jacks/lifts, cranes/hoists, welding equipment/torches, scaffolding, fall protection equipment, aerial work platforms, powered industrial vehicles, automatic external defibrillators.


Safety Equipment

Safety Showers and Fume hoods


Requiring Approval Prior to Purchase

Item Categories


Controlled Substances

Purchasing is restricted and requires a DEA registration.


Radioactive Materials  and X-rays

Order request without a LA# listed on request. LA#s are authorizations approved by Radiation Safety for use of Radioactive Materials 

Regulated Equipment by Biosafety

purchasing, relocating, or installing Biosafety Cabinets

Regulated Materials

First-time purchases of any of the following pyrophorics, listed carcinogens, highly-toxic gases, dual-use materials, and any chemicals in excess of 20 L (5 gal) for a single container.