COVID: 19 - Working Safely

Working safely during the COVID -19 Pandemic

The next phase of on-campus activities aims to increase the overall campus personnel density to between 10% and 25%.

  The health and safety of the entire Bruin community is our number one concern. No one who has an elevated risk for severe COVID-19, per CDC guidance, will be compelled to work on campus or in the field if they have an approved accommodation from Employee Disability Management Services. Where possible, flexible accommodations should be considered for team members who do not feel safe returning, or who cannot yet return, to campus or field activities.

  All groups will be required to submit a site-specific return to work plan in order to obtain approval to resume on-campus operations. Departments should consult with those employees named in the department. Once the plan is approved, departments must communicate the details of their plan with all team members It is essential that each person understands the conditions under which the research will take place, including appropriate physical distancing, hours of operation, and what work is permitted.

    Our standards for safety and safe work practices must be rigorously and equitably maintained. All personnel must have sufficient access to personal protective equipment (PPE) specific to their regular work hazards and must adhere to protocols defined in site-specific plan to reduce the spread of COVID-19 (e.g., the use of cloth face coverings). If the required PPE or supplies are not available, activities may be halted until the required supplies are obtained.