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Controlled Substances Use Authorization (CSUA) Applications:Part I Application(s):

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Personnel Screening Data Sheets (PSDS)-


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Research Protocols

§1301.18 Research protocols.



§1301.71 Security requirements generally.

§1301.75 Physical security controls for practitioners.

§1301.76 Other security controls for practitioners.

§1301.90 Employee screening procedures.

§1301.91 Employee responsibility to report drug diversion.

§1301.92 Illicit activities by employees.



§1304.03 Persons required to keep records and file reports.

§1304.04 Maintenance of records and inventories.

§1304.11 Inventory requirements

§1304.21 General requirements for continuing records.

§1304.22 Records for manufacturers, distributors, dispensers, researchers, importers, exporters, registrants that reverse distribute, and collectors.


Schedule II and II DEA 222

§1305.03 Distributions requiring a Form 222 or a digitally signed electronic order.

§1305.05 Power of attorney.

§1305.06 Persons entitled to fill orders for Schedule I and II controlled substances.

§1305.07 Special procedure for filling certain orders.

§1305.11 Procedure for obtaining DEA Forms 222.

§1305.12 Procedure for executing DEA Forms 222.

§1305.13 Procedure for filling DEA Forms 222.

§1305.14 Procedure for endorsing DEA Forms 222.

§1305.15 Unaccepted and defective DEA Forms 222.

§1305.16 Lost and stolen DEA Forms 222.

§1305.17 Preservation of DEA Forms 222.

§1305.18 Return of unused DEA Forms 222.

§1305.19 Cancellation and voiding of DEA Forms 222.



§1307.11 Distribution by dispenser to another practitioner.

§1317.05 Registrant disposal.