Lead Compliance

Lead Compliance

January 21, 2014

The Lead Compliance Program is directed at minimizing lead exposure of members of the University community. This includes reduction of exposure to lead dust through construction activities and awareness of both facilities employees and tenants of University owned housing.

Lead was added to paint to make it more durable, give it pigment and improve the flow or spreadability. Historically, the more lead in the paint, the more durable and expensive the paint. Lead-based coatings were widely used from before the turn of the century to the late 1970’s. When surfaces coated with lead-based paint are disturbed, they release lead dust into the air where they might be inhaled by building occupants or settle onto nearby surfaces. Inhaled or ingested dust may cause disease or injury, particularly in young children or pregnant women. Painted surfaces are tested for lead content and the hazards assessed prior to disturbance. Inspection and sample collection is performed by Environmental, Health and Safety (EH&S) or an independent environmental consultants. Testing is usually performed on-site with immediate results. Those materials identified with high lead content are properly removed using work practices and engineering controls to minimize lead dust.

Additionally, UCLA maintains several housing developments built prior to 1978, which are subject to disclosure of known lead paint as per the requirements of the Residential Lead-Based Paint Hazard Reduction Act of 1992, as known as Title X. EH&S maintains general oversight of the program acting as special in-house consultant to UCLA construction project managers and University Housing staff. EH&S maintains a historical sample database and copies of all project documentation. Members of the University community may contact the Lead Program Manager with questions regarding the UCLA Lead Compliance Program or Title X requirements.

Requesting Lead Sampling or Surveys

UCLA construction project managers, Facilities Management staff and principal investigators may contact EH&S to inquire about the lead content in painted surfaces prior to demolition or renovation activities. Sampling of painted surfaces is performed by either certified independent environmental consulting companies or by specially trained members of EH&S. The Lead Program Manager can best determine which entity should perform the testing. The Lead Program Manager can search project documentation for existing laboratory analysis. Survey reports and laboratory analysis are provided to the requesting person with consultation by the Lead Program Manager on the overall impact to the project or building occupants.

Asbestos & Lead Program Manager
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