Air Quality

January 28, 2014

Internal combustion engines, equipment and certain processes that produce air emissions must be evaluated by the Office of Environment, Health & Safety to to see if special procedures or permits are required. All equipment requiring South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD) permits must be permitted prior to installation and operation.

Purpose of Policy

To establish procedures for work groups and construction projects to obtain South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD) permits for internal combustion engines, emergency generator engines, boilers, stationary equipment and other equipment or processes emitting air pollutants. TEST TEST TEST


Any stationary equipment or process that has the potential to produce air emissions may be subject to AQMD regulations and permitting. Types of equipment that may be regulated or require permits include: stationary engines, emergency generator engines, boilers, charbroilers, hepa filter vacuum cleaners and emission control devices. All emergency generator internal combustion engines rated equal to or greater than 50 horsepower must be permitted through the AQMD prior to being installed. Only boilers rated over 2 million BTUs per hour have to be permitted. Boilers rated from 1 million to 2 million BTUs per hour have to be registered. Charbroilers have to be registered. Contact the UCLA Office of Environment, Health & Safety (EH&S) to determines if a particular piece of equipment or process is regulated or requires a permit.


The project manager or other responsible person in charge of the installation is responsible for seeing that the proper permit application is processed through the Office of Environment, Health & Safety. If an engine is run prior to being permitted, the campus and the project is subject to a fine from the AQMD.

Procedure for Processing Emergency Generator Engine Permits

Contact EH&S for forms, application fee information and other procedures. Please remember, all permit applications must be submitted through EH&S. Once all required documentation and the fee check is received, EH&S will submit the complete permit application package to the AQMD. The AQMD may take up to three months to process a permit. Once the permit is obtained, EH&S will forward a copy to the Project Manager and to Facilities Management.

Other Equipment Requiring Permits

If you are not sure if a process or piece of equipment is regulated under AQMD rules and Regulations, Contact EH&S for further information.

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