Employee Safety Handbook

Employee Safety HandbookThe UCLA Employee Safety Handbook provides valuable information to help you integrate safety into your daily processes. All employees are required to review the handbook. The Handbook, revised in 2014, covers important health and safety topics, including:

  • Simple techniques for making the working environment safer and preventing common campus accidents
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Managing laboratory hazards
  • An employee’s role in environmental protection
  • Campus safety and security resources
  • Safety training topics

How Do I Obtain the Handbook?

The Handbook is available to employees through the online UC Learning Center and in hard copy (by request only). Employees without email addresses will be instructed to attend an instructor-led discussion about the Handbook.

How are Completion Records Maintained?

Records of completion are maintained through the online UC Learning Center. The preferred method is for employees to read the Handbook online, which allows individual employees to acknowledge that they have read the Handbook through the online learning center. (Note: it will take approximately 45 minutes to review the handbook online.) Employees without computer access will attend instructor-led sessions, and records from these sessions will be uploaded into the online learning center.

What’s My Role?

Everyone at UCLA plays a key role in creating and maintaining a healthful and safe workplace. Employees, supervisors/managers and directors can support this goal in different ways:


Review the handbook online or, if necessary attend a classroom session, to learn your role in keeping the campus safe.

Supervisors and Managers

The UCLA Employee Safety Handbook can be used in conjunction with the Injury and Illness Prevention Plan (IIPP) to assist departments in creating an effective safety culture. In addition to reviewing the handbook, supervisors or managers should:

  • Use the Supervisor’s Discussion Guide to lead a conversation with your staff on the applicable sections
  • Require completion of the UC Learning Center Activity, which simplifies maintenance of training records
  • Request hard copies of the Handbook for employees without access to computers or as in-office resources
  • Include the Handbook in on-boarding activities for new employees


Deans, Directors and Other Executive Leaders

Your support of this initiative will ensure its success. By encouraging the use of the Handbook as one of the many safety resources available to faculty, staff and students, you will contribute to a culture in which everyone takes responsibility for their own and the safety of others.

EVC Scott Waugh's April 30, 2012 Memo to the Campus


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