Slips, Trips and Falls

Watch Your Step

Slip, trip and fall (STF) injuries consistently rank as one of the top three incidents that occur across the UCLA campus. They account for approximately 16% of all injuries reported at UCLA and cost approximately $2 million annually. Considering that UCLA represents one of the densest campuses in the country boasting more than 37,000 students and over 45,000 faculty and staff, it is vital that we increase our awareness of STF hazards. Whether you are an office worker using the stairwell, a food service worker walking on a wet floors in the dish room, or a carpenter working on a ladder, you are vulnerable to a slip, trip or fall. When it rains, our vulnerability to a slip and fall is significantly increased across campus regardless of your job task or campus department.

There are several ways to prevent STF injuries. Below are resources that can be utilized to educate yourself and/or others on the importance of being mindful of your path and overall surroundings.

EH&S Fact Sheets

Avoiding Slips, Trips and Falls

General overview of STF hazards when walking or working.


Tips for proper housekeeping to prevent STF injuries.

Ladder Safety

Tips for proper ladder selection, use and maintenance.


EH&S Inspection Checklists

Office Inspection Checklist

Checklist to perform safety inspections of office areas.

Floor Inspection Checklist

Checklist to perform safety inspections of floors and walking surfaces to prevent STF injuries.



To report a hazard, please visit the Facilities Management Trouble Call website or call (310) 825-9236.