EH&S is responsive to campus needs during the pandemic. COVID-19 protocols are being coordinated through the UCLA Emergency Operations Center (EOC), Emergency Management Policy Group (EMPG), and UCLA's Future Planning Task Force. Please check Bruins Safe Online for the latest safety information. If you are experiencing an emergency, please call 9-1-1.

Evaluating and Reducing Research Risks for Pregnant Workers

Research Safety for Pregnant Workers

Baby Bruin
Risk Assessment Process

Risk Assessment Process

Integrated Safety Management

Integrated Safety Management is a framework developed by the U.S.

Hazardous Waste

Lab Cleanouts

Lab Cleanouts should be conducted when:

Hazardous Waste

New Users for WASTe Program

This is a How-To of WASTe for users. If you would like to go directly to UCOP's WASTe site, click   WASTe

Hazardous Waste

WASTe Managing People and Locations

How to manage people and locations within the WASTe program

Hazardous Waste

Creating a WASTe Tag

A guide on how to properly create WASTe tags for hazardous waste at UCLA.