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Updated On November 21, 2016 - 4:01pm

Biosafety & Biosecurity Inventory & Survey

In an on-going effort to ensure material accountability, or stewardship, of all biological agents, all UC campuses are required to conduct an inventory of all biological agents that incorporates positive Principal Investigator (PI) attestations that:

  • He or she has reviewed their inventory of biological agents,
  • The inventory is consistent with the list of agents on the PI's currently approved IBC protocol (a.k.a. Biological Use Authorization or BUA)
  • He or she has reported any unaccounted-for freezers or laboratory space in which unidentified/unclaimed biological agents might be present.

Please keep in mind, the goal of these efforts are to facilitate Material Accountability, or Stewardship, of all biological materials at UCLA. Simply:

  • Have all Principal Investigator identified and assumed responsibility for, all biological materials in equipment and facilities assigned to them?
  • Are all biological materials at UCLA accounted for an under the control of the responsible faculty member?