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Updated On November 18, 2016 - 1:27pm

Chemical Inventory Program

UCLA is implementing a Chemical Inventory System (CIS) as part of a coordinated rollout throughout the UC system. The CIS will allow UCLA to more easily comply with both long standing and new regulation requiring chemical inventory maintenance and reporting. As you know, Cal/OSHA Title 8 Section 5194 (e) (1) requires that employers develop and maintain a list of the hazardous chemicals known to be present in the workplace. This is a long standing regulatory requirement and is an important component of our lab inspections. New regulation in the form of Assembly Bill 2286 mandates the development of the California Environmental Reporting System (CERS) and requires all regulated businesses to use the Internet to electronically submit chemical inventories.

In order to facilitate compliance with the new electronic reporting requirement, each lab group is required to upload an up-to-date chemical inventory to the CIS using our Chemical Inventory Template. This template has been developed to address the regulatory requirements of CERS. Please see our Chemical Inventory Template Instructions for details. All UCLA PIs can log in to the CIS using their UCLA Logon credentials at Once logged in, PIs can designate “Authorized Personnel” to manage their lab’s inventory. Additional information is accessible on the CIS User Guide and Resources webpage. This includes Chemical Inventory Guidelines that describe what chemicals must be included in the inventory and what may be excluded.

Once populated with each lab’s chemical inventory, the CIS will assist both EH&S and lab personnel in better managing inventories and will serve as an easily accessible repository of chemical safety information. The CIS will also provide invaluable information to first responders during lab related emergency situations.

Chemical Inventory Program
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