Bruin Card Access to Medical Waste Accumulation Sites

BSRB, MRL, and CHS building Medical Waste Accumulation sites now require Bruin cards, rather than physical keys is in process. 

Bruin Card

To obtain MWA Access, the following requirements must be met
(ALL criteria must be met):

  • Be a worker on an active IBC-Approved Biological Use Authorization (BUA)
  • Be a designated Waste Handler on the active BUA
  • Have current training for Bloodborne Pathogens and Medical Waste Management

Please note: If ALL criteria is not met, application will be denied.


To apply for access, take the following steps:

1.  Complete an online application and request a swipe appointment at:

2.  Review your Bloodborne Pathogen and Medical Waste Management training records (via Worksafe) to ensure these are up-to-date.  

Please allow 2 weeks for EH&S to process approval.