Tissue Culture Room Design

Tissue Culture Room Design

June 12, 2014

Typically, the Biosafety cabinet is the first and most difficult piece of equipment to establish in the room, and the type and size will depend on your plans (see below).

In addition, your centrifuge should also be assessed for current plans and potential future use. We see a lot of the Eppindorf model is seen in many culture areas; however, please be aware, if you intend to spin biohazardous materials (including human cells/fluids), you will need gasketed aerosol-tight safety caps for your buckets/plate rotors.

The type of refrigerator you will need will also depend on the reagent you will need to store in these. Laboratory Safety may have some requirements related to storage of volatile/flammables in refrigerators, if you intend to do that. Moreover, if you intend on storing anything that may require extra security (radioactive materials, select toxins), you may need to look at units equipped with locks.

Some key thoughts to consider for design for biosafety in TC rooms: