Biosafety Inspections

Biosafety Inspections

June 12, 2014

Getting ready for your Inspection

To request a laboratory biosafety inspection, please email biosafety

Prior to your inspection the biosafety program will be in contact with you to setup a time.  In case the PI is not available, we request that a representative from your lab with knowledge of the protocol and biohazard/rDNA operations be present.  

It is a good idea to review the appropriate checklist before the inspection to address any issues ahead of time and expedite the process.

Your laboratory biosafety manual will be reviewed during your inspection.  To expedite the process review the Biosafety Manual Outline.  You can use the link below to update your biosafety manual. Not all links apply to all laboratories.

In order to conserve paper we have condensed the necessary regulatory documentation into a few pages.  These pages should be printed off and placed into your biosafety manual and take the place of and reference the full documents.

Laboratory-specific training documentation records will also be evaluated during inspection.  This includes documentation of lab-specific Biosafety orientation and competency verification of staff, as well as at least annual review of your Biosafety Manual and any other instances of training (e.g., during a lab meeting).    

SDS or fact sheet links:

Once the inspection is complete, you will receive an inspection report.  Please review the report an address all non-compliance issues before requesting a re-inspection.  All non-compliance issues must be addressed before IBC will approve a laboratory space.