Safer Sharps

Safer Sharps

November 17, 2015

Safer sharps devices recommended products and additional resources

"Safer Sharps" Devices Can Prevent Sharps Injuries

Safer sharps devices can prevent injuries that occur before, during and after use through built-in safety engineering controls. Safer sharps devices reduce sharps risk through a single-handed mechanism, 

replacing glass with plastic alternatives, blunting or shielding a sharp edge or increasing the distance between the sharp edge and the user. Choose safer alternatives for your research today to reduce your risk of injury!  


Safety Device List

Safer Needles & Syringe Systems

Safer needles and syringe systems have a single-handed activation mechanism that retract or shield the needle to prevent accidental needle puncture. Manual and automatic activation options. Available in multiple sizes (18G – 30G). *Product samples available. 

TypeDescriptionVendorCatalog No.Examples of Use
Self-sheathing BD Safety Glide Needles (25G)* Fisher Scientific 14-826-106 SC, IP, IV injection
Self-sheathing Covidien Monoject Magellan (25G) Fisher Scientific 22-256-551 SC, IP, IV injection
Retractable  BD Integra Needle and Syringe (25G)* Fisher Scientific 14-823-52 SC, IP injection
Retractable VanishPoint 1ml U-100 Insulin (30G x 5/16")* Vanishpoint 10271 SC, IP injection
Safer Needle BD Vacutainer Push-button Blood Collection Sets: Pre-attached tube holder (25G)* Fisher Scientific 23-021-023 Blood draws, Phlebotomy

Safety Lancet

Multipurpose Retractable Safety Lancet (1.8mm needle) Fisher Scientific 22-000-100 Finger blood collection

Blunt Needles and Cannulas

Blunt-fill needles or plastic needless access devices remove or blunt the needle to create a safer sharp device that requires 10x the amount of force to penetrate human skin. They can be used to puncture tubing, penetrate rubber septums, homogenize tissues, flush bone marrow or be used for fluid delivery. Available in multiple sizes (18G - 30G). *Product samples available. 

TypeDescriptionVendorCatalog No. Examples of Use
Blunt Needle Covidien Monoject Blunt Cannula VWR 53498-484 Fill a syringe
Blunt-fill Needle BD Vacutainer General Use Syringe Needle (18G)* Fisher Scientific 23-021-020 Penetrate rubber septum
Blunt-Needle BD Vial Access Cannula (15G) Fisher Scientific 13-689-6G Vial access

Safer Blade Devices

Exposed blades present a sharps injury risk. Safer blade devices protect the blade by using a manual mechanism to retract or shield the blade. Available in multiple sizes (no.2 - no.25). *Product samples available. 

TypeDescriptionVendorCatalog No. Examples of Use
Self-sheathing Scalpel Market Lab Retractable Sheath Scalpel (no.2) Fisher Scientific NC9835189 Tissue dissection
Retractable Scalpel Safety Scalpel #10 Cincinnati Surgical 06S10 Tissue dissection
Safer Razor Blade Klever Koncept Safety Cutter- RED* SaferCutters SC-KK-201-L Opening boxes or bags

Plastic Alternatives

Glass items in a lab setting present a hazard if broken. To avoid this, consider substituting glass items with plastic versions whenever feasible. (see, e.g., the UCLA IBC stance on the use of glass Pasteur pipettes).  The following are available in multiple sizes/types.

TypeDescriptionVendorCatalog No.Examples of Use
Plastic Pipet Costar Disposable Aspirating Pipettes (2ml) Fisher Scientific 07-200-19 Media aspiration*
Plastic Pipet Celltreat Plastic Pasteur Pipet  Fisher Scientific 50-202-132 Media aspiration
Non-sharp solid waste container Ribbon box lined with red biohazard bag (19"-25" wide sizes) Container Store


Serological Pipette disposal in BSC
Aspiration Flask Argos Bottle 2L, polypropylene includes cap with barbed fittings VWR 10141-552 Media aspiration
Aspiration Flask Stand M-VAC JR. stainless steel stand (2L) VWR 10141-550 Aspiration Flask Stand
Plastic Hemacytometer Incyto C-Chip Disposable Hemacytometer Fisher Scientific 22-600-100 Counting cells
Plastic Cover Slips Disposable Cover Slips Fisher Scientific S17525C Cover for slides or hemacytometer
Plastic Capillary tube Innovative Med Tech Plastic Capillary Tubes, no additive, 20ul, 30mm Fisher Scientific 22-757-116 Blood collection through capillary action

*for those needing fine-tips for aspiration, consider using combinations of aspirating pipettes (or blue pipette tips) and finer disposable (non-filtered) pipette tips (which can be changed to prevent cross-contamination).

Special PPE, Misc.

Needlestick gloves, sleeves & aprons Turtleskin Sharps Injury Prevention PPE Distributors Various (model-specific) PPE
Metal mesh hand gloves Whizard Metal Mesh Hand Gloves VWR #80091 PPE

Additional Resources for Safer Sharps

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