SOP Template Library

SOP Template Library

April 28, 2014

Provides a library of templates to develop standard operating procedures for common chemicals and chemical groups.

What is an SOP?
A standard operating procedure (SOP) is a written document or instruction detailing all steps and activities of a process.  The SOP should provide safety, health, and environmental information to perform the process safely. View the SOP Fact Sheet for more information on the requirements.

Where Can I Find SOP Templates?
See the SOP Template Library for customizable templates of common chemicals and chemical groups.

How do I know if I need an SOP?
It is the responsibility of the laboratory to ensure that all required SOPs are present in the lab. To determine if an SOP is needed, compare your chemical inventory to OSHA’s 4-part list of Particularly Hazardous Substances below:

  1. IARC – Known/suspected human carcinogens groups 1-2B (pdf)
  2. NTP - Known/suspected carcinogens (pdf)
  3. CA Prop 65 – Human Reproductive Toxins
  4. Acutely Toxic Chemicals:  LD50 < 50 mg/kg (xlsx) 

How do I complete an SOP?
Customize the chemical-specific SOP template to match your laboratory’s chemical-specific operations. Refer to the chemical’s Safety Data Sheet (SDS) from the manufacturer to add critical information as recommended by the manufacturer. All sections on the SOP template must be completed. Do not cut and paste content between SOP templates without careful review, as each template is chemical-specific.

How do I write an SOP protocol?
Review the SOP Protocol Fact Sheet for assistance in documenting a comprehensive protocol.

What do I do with completed SOPs?
All SOPs must be reviewed and signed by the laboratory members and documented in the Laboratory Safety Manual binder.

Note: The SOP Template Library does not represent a comprehensive chemical inventory on the UCLA campus.

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