Ordering RAM

Ordering RAM

February 6, 2014

Information regarding the shipping address and procedures for ordering radioactive materials

The process for ordering radioactive materials is as follows:

1.    Your Principle Investigator (PI) must be authorized to order a specific radioisotope and a specific chemical form. If you are unsure about which isotopes and chemical forms for which you currently have approval, refer to your Radioactive Materials Permit (RMP).

2.    All orders must be delivered to the Radiation Safety Division (RSD). Direct shipment of radioactive material or sources to the laboratory is prohibited.

3.    Be sure the vendor has the following shipping address:

UCLA Radiation Safety, c/o Medical Receiving
650 Charles E. Young Drive South, CHS A6-060C
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1764

Attn: {Principle Investigator}, LA {xxx} (Note: PI must be the name listed on the RMP, and xxx is the authorization number.)

4.    The RSD will notify you when the package arrives and is ready for pick-up.

Note: The RSD must be notified of the receipt of liquid scintillation counters or generally licensed radioactive sources.

Radiation Safety Division
Email: RadiationSafety@ehs.ucla.edu | Phone: (310) 825-5689 | Fax: (310)-206-9051


501 Westwood Plaza, 4th Floor
Box 951605
Los Angeles, California 90095-1605