DOD Environmental Compliance Assurance

DOD Environmental Compliance Assurance

April 28, 2014

Submit the ECA Packet to EH&S at least 5 business days before your grant deadline.

An Environmental Compliance Assurance (ECA) is required by the DOD for certain funding requests to verify that Principal Investigators and their laboratories are in compliance with applicable environmental laws and regulations as described in UCLA’s DOD-approved Facility Safety Plan.  The ECA is a lab-specific review and must be signed by a designated institutional official.  UCLA’s institutional official is the director of Environment, Health & Safety.

Signature Acquisition Process

As the ECA is a lab-specific review involving multiple divisions within EH&S, a minimum of five business days is required to conduct the evaluation and issue the signed certificate. Providing EH&S a longer timeline is encouraged to ensure a thorough evaluation.  Forms submitted with less than the required five-day notice are not guaranteed a response.

Please review all the steps below to ensure a timely processing of your ECA request:

Step 1 – Document Submission

Complete the ECA Documentation Packet (PDF) thoroughly and email it along with a copy of your project abstract/summary to (or fax to (310) 825-7076) at least five business days prior to the grant submission deadline.  The packet consists of:

  1. Cover Sheet
  2. ECA Criteria Questions
  3. ECA Form – complete “Proposal Title” and “PI” fields only
  4. Principal Investigator Assurance Form

>> Download ECA Documentation Packet (PDF)

Step 2 – EH&S Review

Each EH&S division will review the documents to verify that the PI is in compliance with UCLA’s DOD-approved Facility Safety Plan, which includes verification of any appropriate safety/compliance oversight committee approvals (e.g. IBC, Rad Safety Committee).  EH&S compliance officers may have concerns or questions, so please be timely in responding to their inquiries.  The process may be delayed if any concerns or questions are not addressed.

Step 3 – Issuance of Signed ECA

If compliance is verified, EH&S will send the executed ECA to the requesting Principal Investigator.