Risk Assessment FAQ

  • All academic research labs that use hazardous chemicals
  • We will be rolling out the process in the coming 3 years. Some labs will not be impacted by this change immediately. If you have concerns or requests to be included earlier or later, please reach out to your Lab Safety Specialist.
  • For the walkthrough, at least one lab representative
  • For the initial meeting and drafting the safety plan, we encourage as broad a participation as possible. This is why we suggest a group meeting as an option.
  • Think about laboratory operations that you perceive to pose the highest risk to yourself or to your colleagues. Discuss this with your EH&S Specialist during the initial risk assessment walkthrough. Also think about any risk mitigation strategies already implemented by your lab, and whether or not you would like to make any changes. 

Risk assessment focuses on preventing unsafe actions in the lab, as opposed to correcting unsafe conditions. To achieve this, multiple changes have been implemented, including:

  • A meeting with your entire research group to discuss risks and hazards specific to your group.
  • Instead of a report that your lab may reference only once to correct issues , a safety management plan will be created that can be continuously referenced to maintain your lab
  • Risk assessments will address risks related to the specific research operations your lab performs