LSFC - Chinese

LSFC - Chinese

May 2, 2014

Laboratory Safety Fundamental Concepts (LSFC) has been translated into Mandarin Chinese to provide a supplemental training resource for students attending this lab safety training course.

What is Laboratory Safety Fundamental Concepts?

This class provides an overview of laboratory safety requirements, and is required by all laboratory personnel. Topics of discussion include: the recognition and mitigation of laboratory hazards; the use of engineering controls, administrative controls and personal protective equipment; working safety with chemicals, the use of MSDSs, procedures for disposing of hazardous chemical waste, and fire safety precautions for the laboratory. Required annually for all laboratory employees and students.

What Chinese Translation Materials are Available?

EH&S provides the following resources and encourages attendees to read the translation before coming to class and to print the resources and bring them to class as supplemental study materials: