Training Policy

Training Policy

April 28, 2014


Registration is required for all training classes. Register by accessing


Most classes are offered at no cost to UCLA faculty, staff and students, with the exception of the CPR and Shipping Biological Materials training courses.


Classes begin promptly at the scheduled time. Due to the regulatory information provided in many of the sessions, late entry is not allowed. Participants more than 10 minutes late will be asked to reschedule.


Classes are held in various buildings around campus. Please familiarize yourself with the specific location, campus map and parking information prior to the session.


For more information about training, or to schedule a department-specific session, please contact the Environment, Health & Safety Training Program Manager at (310) 794-5669.


Training requirements depend on the nature of work being done. Employees, students, and supervisors/Principal Investigators (PIs) should select training courses based on the types of hazards that may be encountered.  Everyone must be properly trained before beginning their work, given new assignments, or when new hazards are introduced.   

All laboratory personnel who work with or around hazardous materials are required to take the Laboratory Safety Fundamental Concepts class offered by EH&S, plus additional classes specific to the hazards of their laboratory. This requirement applies to visiting and/or part-time researchers. Laboratory safety training from other institutions or universities does not substitute for UCLA lab safety training.