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Lab Cleanouts

Lab Cleanouts should be conducted when:

  • The lab is being closed down (prior to shut down)
  • The lab is moving (prior to move)
  • The lab has accumulated an excess of 50 chemicals not being used.

Important Note: The associated department is ultimately responsible for cleaning out a lab, so be kind to your department and schedule your clenaouts before you move away. This will save them many unnecessary costs.

Call ahead

Do not bring chemicals to normaly scheduled building pick-ups. Instead, call the EH&S Hazardous Waste Program Manager for specific procedures and complete the Lab Cleanout Form.

Lab Cleanout Form

Lab Cleanout Instructions


Use the Lab Cleanout Form for Large number of chemicals

Use the Lab Cleanout Form for a large number of chemicals. Generally, only use the form if you have at least 50 chemical containers to dispose. If you have fewer than 50 chemicals, it is better to tag each container with the Waste Accumulation Storage Tracking system. Contact EH&S for assistance in deciding the best option for you.



EH&S will send a technician

Where necessary, EH&S will send a technician to your lab for an initial evaluation.


Prepare for a Lab Cleanout in advance

We advise that you prepare for a lab cleanout well in advance. We recommend that you submit the Lab Cleanout Form to EH&S at least three weeks prior to needing the chemicals removed. This time will be needed to complete the process in order to follow all of the hazardous waste regulations properly.


Unknown chemicals

Unknown chemicals are very costly to dispose of. Be sure that the contents of all chemical containers are known.


EH&S can be hired to label for you

If you do not have staff to prepare the chemicals for pick-up, EH&S can be hired to do the labeling for you at an hourly rate.