Hazardous Waste @ EH&S

Hazarodus Waste Containers

About Hazardous Waste (HAZWASTE) 

The Hazardous Waste (Hazwaste) Team manages the disposal of waste that is considered ignitable, corrosive, reactive, or toxic and the accompanying documents ensuring destruction. We are available as consultants for the identification, labeling and packaging of hazardous waste according to federal and state regulations, and UCLA policy. In addition to consultations, the Hazwaste Team performs (daily) on-campus and (monthly) off-campus waste collection.

Questions? Call (310) 206-1887 or email [email protected]

Meet Our Team

Hazardous Waste Program Manager  Carlos Stevenson

EH&S Specialist  Craig Bradley

Principal EH&S Technician  Christian Marcelo

Principal EH&S Technician  Marcus Rogers

Principal EH&S Technician  Frank Vavounas

  • What Do We Manage?
  • -Chemical surplus inventory

    -Chemical waste disposal
    -Main campus and select off-campus manifest records
    -Mercury thermometer exchange program
    -General waste disposal
    -Waste Accumulation Tracking System, electronically (WASTe)

  • Who Are Our Clients and Collaborators?

  • Who Are Our Main Collaborators?

    -Facilities Management
    -UC Hazardous Waste Action Group (HWAG)
    -Managed by UCLA EH&S, Operations of Emergency Management