File a Report

If this is an emergency dial 911 Immediately.

Reporting Serious Incidents

Dial the Hotline (310) 825-9797

Follow the instructions by the voice operator and choose from the menu. A manager on call will respond based on the type of incident.

For Detailed Instructions on the type of incident:

Opt 1 - Report a Spill

Opt 2 - Report Serious Employee Injury

Opt 3 - Report Biohazard Exposure or Injury

Non-Emergency Reporting

Reporting instructions

To report non-serious work related injuries, please visit the Insurance and Risk Management (IRM) website and fill out the linked Workers’ Compensation forms.

Go Directly to IRM Forms

Report non-serious radiation incidents, call (310) 825-5689

Please provide voice message or receptionist with:

  • Your name
  • Your phone number
  • Location

Report Radiation-Related Incidents

Reporting Other

Report an Environmental Complaint

Report a Foodborne Illness

Report Indoor Air Quality Complaint

Pest Control, Leaky Faucet, Locked Keys in the Office

Call Trouble Call at (310) 825-9236 (24 Hour Line)

File a Complaint Online