Controlled Substance Program for Research

The UCLA Controlled Substance Program for Research provides assistance and monitoring for the use of regulated drugs and precursor chemicals in research.

Here are some of the services covered by our program:

  • Department Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) registration- Set-up and Maintenance 
  • Liaison for External Regulatory Agencies
  • Full document management and record archival 
  • Inventory Control- Procurement to Waste Disposal
  • Consultation Services 
  • Investigation and Reporting for Suspected Loss of Material or Spills


  • Alyssa Leiva- Controlled Substances Program Administrator (CSPA)
  • Judi Abegania- Controlled Substances Program Specialist (CSPS)

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  • What is a department registration?
  • DEA registrations are submitted, managed, and renewed by the Controlled Substance Program Administrator (CSPA). These registrations are not broad scope licenses and require a Controlled Substance Use Authorization (CSUA). A CSUA captures information associated with the use and storage of controlled substances.  
  • How do I get added to a department's registration?
  • 1. Complete CSUA application Part I and Part II

    2. Complete and submit Personnel Screening Data Sheets for each user.
    3. Submit PI’s most current curriculum vitae (short version).

  • What are the storage locations requirements?
  • PIs are responsible for providing and maintaining secure controlled substance storage.
    See the Controlled Substances Storage Location Requirements handout.

    To get your storage location approved and verified or to develop a storage plan, contact [email protected].

  • How do I place an order?
  • Approved CSUAs are assign a CSUA ID number. PIs and authorized users are advised to use this number when placing orders.

    Orders are submitted via an online order form.

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