EH&S is responsive to campus needs during the pandemic. COVID-19 protocols are being coordinated through the UCLA Emergency Operations Center (EOC), Emergency Management Policy Group (EMPG), and UCLA's Future Planning Task Force. Please check Bruins Safe Online for the latest safety information. If you are experiencing an emergency, please call 9-1-1.


How can we help?

An overview of services offered by EH&S

Getting Started at UCLA

EH&S will make sure that your set-up is properly started while here at UCLA. Contact the proper group for your new space at UCLA.


EH&S handles and carries out inspections of all locations affiliated with UCLA. Please choose which specialty informaion you need.


EH&S offers training across UCLA campus through Worksafe.

Special Permit

For Special event permitting and food permitting on campus and UCLA affiliated locations.


Consultations offered by EH&S are done by request only. If unsure of who to contact please call 310-825-5689.

Documents Library

A place to find all EH&S created documents, forms and references.

Waste Management

There are different catagories of waste on UCLA campus.

  • Regular Waste & Recyclables: Handled by Facilities Management
  • General Hazardous & Chemical Waste
  • Biological Hazardous Waste
  • Radioactive Hazardous Waste
Lab Moves and Close-Outs

Are you a Principal Investigator (PI) or department representative moving or closing-out a laboratory on campus? Start the move or close-out process with assistance from the EH&S Lab Portal team.