Waste Management

At UCLA there are 4 types of Waste:

  • Regular Waste & Recyclables - Food, plastics, or other every day waste. This form of waste is not managed by EH&S. Go to Facilities Management.
  • Hazardous Waste - Chemicals and other general hazardous wastes such as paint, electronics, batteries, etc.
  • Medical Waste - contains biological components that may be infectious or harmful to human health.
  • Radioactive Waste - Dry and liquid lab waste containing radioisotopes, liquid scintillation waste, contaminated equipment.

Depending on the type of waste you have, will determine the process and guidelines that must be followed.

For General Inquires about Hazardous Waste call (310) 206-1887
or email [email protected]

Regular & Recyclables

Regular & Recyclables Icon


UCLA Facilities Management manages the Regular Waste and Recyclables programs on campus.

For household hazardous waste (including electronics and batteries), visit the S.A.F.E. website for more information.

Facilities Management

For Household Drop Offs go to LA City Website

Batteries & Electronic Waste


Hazardous Waste

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UCLA- generated chemicals, lecture bottles, small lamps, paints, and chemically contaminated material may be disposed through the routine hazardous waste pick-ups.
Examples of waste:

  • Chemicals
  • Lecture bottles
  • Chemically contaminated material
  • Paints
  • Batteries
  • Lamps less than 4 feet in length

Hazardous Waste Management

Hazardous Waste Pick-Up Schedule

Definitions of General Hazardous & Chemical Waste


Medical Waste

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Medical waste is waste known to be or potentially contaminated with infectious materials, animal or human specimen waste, pharmaceutical, and trace-chemotherapy waste.

Refer to Biosafety for UCLA specific medical waste management practices.

Waste Services for information self-drop off areas for medical waste.

Contact Biosafety for UCLA specific biological waste practices

MWA Access Instructions


Radiation Waste

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Examples of Waste:

  • Dry radioactive lab waste and contaminated equipment
  • Liquid scintillation vials and fluid waste, including non-radioactive LSC waste
  • Radioactive animal waste (please call 5-5396 to schedule for animal waste)

Radiation Waste Disposal