Self Drop-Off Areas for Medical Waste

Obtain security access to UCLA Medical Waste Accumulation sites through EH&S:

Locations Requiring Key (see below for how to Apply)

  • Terasaki (TLSB) loading dock
  • Engineering IV loading dock
  • Rehabilitation Center bunker

The issuance of a physical key to a Medical Waste Accumulation site requires completion and submission of the following two forms to Biosafety:

  1. Key Issuance Form
  2. Recharge Form for $10 for cost of the key

Locations Requiring Bruin Card Access

  • MRL loading dock
  • CHS B-loading dock
  • BSRB Loading dock

Go to MWA

To obtain Bruin card access, you must
  • Have current training for Bloodborne Pathogens and Medical Waste Management
  • Complete an application through the MWA site


Contact your department or building coordinator for more information on waste accumulation sites not listed.