EH&S is responsive to campus needs during the pandemic. COVID-19 protocols are being coordinated through the UCLA Emergency Operations Center (EOC), Emergency Management Policy Group (EMPG), and UCLA's Future Planning Task Force. Please check Bruins Safe Online for the latest safety information. If you are experiencing an emergency, please call 9-1-1.


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strathmore buildingAddress:
UCLA, Strathmore Building
501 Westwood Plaza, 4th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90095
Mail Box #951605
Main Line: 310-825-5689         

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Administration @ EH&S

The administrative, information technology and training teams within EH&S provide communications, IT support and training for the UCLA campus community.


UCLA Fire mitigates threats/hazards to the University, prepares the public to manage an emergency, responds to calls for service, partners with stakeholders in recovering from emergencies and disasters, and investigates all incidents that occur on campus.

Office of Emergency Management

UCLA Office of Emergency Management wants to assist all UCLA community members in preparing as best as they can for disasters and other emergencies. We offer customized training presentations and workshops to students, faculty, and staff upon request.


Environmental, Occupational and Safety Programs (EOSP) encompasses all aspects of permitting, compliance and safety for the entire campus and for several off-campus UCLA properties. 

Chem Safety @ EH&S

The Laboratory Safety team at EH&S is comprised of specialists from various scientific backgrounds providing support to labs for compliance with campus policies and safety regulations.  Our primary area of expertise is chemical safety but we also focus on laboratory-related issues around the working environment.

Bio Safety @ EH&S

Biosafety has expertise in the facilities, equipment and practices used to maintain worker and environmental safety and regulatory compliance for those working with potential biological hazards including recombinant and synthetic nucleic acids.

Hazardous Waste Team

The hazardous waste (hazwaste) team manages the disposal of waste that is considered ignitable, corrosive, reactive, or toxic and the accompanying documents ensuring destruction.

Radiation Safety @ EH&S

The Radiation Safety Division (RSD) at UCLA EH&S is the operational arm of the Radiation Safety Committee which is a regulatory required body consisting of faculty, clinicians, researchers, and subject matter experts in the field of radiation use.

Laser & Photobiological Safety @ EH&S

The objective of UCLA’s Laser Photobiological Safety Program (LPS) is to provide UCLA’s Educational and Research community with adequate fundamental laser & photobiological safety guidance in maintaining a safe work environment.

High Containment

The UCLA High Containment Program provides specialized expertise and management of research conducted in our campus BSL3, Biosafety Level 3 laboratories.