Research Safety

EH&S Research Safety is broken into the following specialties:

  • Laboratory Safety
  • Biological Safety
  • Laser & Photobiological Safety
  • Radiation Safety

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Laboratory Safety

The Laboratory Safety team at EH&S is comprised of specialists from various scientific backgrounds providing support to labs for compliance with campus policies and safety regulations. 


Biosafety is a team of experts with varied backgrounds in the biological sciences that focuses on preventing personal, laboratory and environmental exposure to biohazardous materials.

Laser & Photobiological Safety

Formerly known as Laser Safety. The LPS program reviews the potential Health Hazards posed by exposure to coherent and noncoherent photon emitting devices and the safe use of these devices.

Radiation Safety

The Radiation Safety Division (RSD) at UCLA EH&S is the operational arm of the Radiation Safety Committee which is a regulatory required body consisting of faculty, clinicians, researchers, and subject matter experts in the field of radiation use.