Chemical Surplus Redistribution Program

About the Program

Many chemical waste generators on campus dispose of items that are unopened. These may be surplus products, part of a process they are no longer using, or products that cannot be used due to a lab move or shut down. In order to minimize waste disposal while making good use of valuable chemicals, EH&S provides this surplus chemical redistribution program at no cost for the UCLA research community.

Requesting Chemicals

View the Surplus Chemical Inventory for a list of unopened and unexpired chemicals that are currently available. All chemicals are free to the UCLA community. This list is updated periodically and chemicals will be delivered by appointment.

Please email your chemical requests the Hazardous Waste Manager. Please include the following in your request:

  • Chemical name(s) and tracking number(s) of desired chemicals
  • Your name and phone extention
  • Building and room number of your lab

Donating Chemicals

If you would like to donate chemicals to the program, please bring them to your building’s chemical waste pick-up. We will only accept items that are:

  • Unopened
  • Unexpired
  • Stable at room temperature
  • In good condition

Hazardous Waste Manager
Email: [email protected] | Phone: (310) 794-5569