Industrial Hygiene @ EH&S

Industrial Hygiene

What does Industrial Hygiene do?

Oversees Industrial Hygiene Programs for campus departments including Respiratory Protection Program, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and Hazard and Exposure Assessment Programs. Responds to Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) concerns, including odors, dust, mold, as well as physical hazards, such as noise and vibration.  Provides respirator training & fit testing, hazard assessment consultations and personal exposure sampling for hazardous chemicals, and ventilation surveys. Maintains the IH monitoring and sampling equipment.

Conducts inspections, incident investigations, safety consultations and hazard specific trainings/presentations upon request.  Consults on and investigates occupational exposures & illnesses, and IAQ complaints.

Our team

Manager, Industrial Hygiene Program  Neil Mansky

Industrial Hygienist SCOTT FAN

Lead & Asbestos Program Manager, Open

Student Worker

  • Respiratory Protection Program
  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Program
  • Hazard Assessment Program
  • Exposure Assessment Program
  • Ventilation Assessment Program
  • UCLA Confined Space Program (collaborator)
  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Inspections

All campus departments including employees, faculty/staff, students and visitors, except Health Systems buildings.  

Who are our main collaborators?

Facilities Management

  • Project/Construction Managers
  • Building Managers      
  • Engineers
  • Plumbers

Capital Programs Management

  • Project Managers